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Chocolate body parts in single pieces or in gift boxes.

Chocoalte Body Parts Box
3D Body Parts Box

Chocolate body parts box, featuring 11 individual chocolates presented in white gift box and lid.

Chocolate 3D Brain
3D Brain

Chocolate 3D Brain  3D premium chocolate in the shape of a brain presented in clear wrappers. Ideal for kids themed parties, kids who love anatomy, and halloween theme parties. Made fresh to order. Available in milk, dark or white chocolate. Pack of 10. Approx 100mm x 80mm. 60 grams.

$50.00 - $65.00
Chocolate Body Parts
Chocolate Anatomy
Individual chocolate anatomy pieces. Choose from Ear, Knee, Skull, Pancreas, Heart, Brain, Eye, Lungs, Kidney, Stomach or Colon, or mix of all. (2 of each). Presented in individual clear heat sealed wrappers. Pack of 22 chocolates.
Chocolate Foot
Chocolate Foot

Chocolate Foot presented in a clear heat sealed wrapper

Pack of 50

Large Chocolate Foot
Chocolate Large Foot

Large chocolate foot presented individually wrapped in clear wrapper.

Pack of 20

Skeleton in a box
Chocolate Skeleton In A Box
Chocolate skeleton in a box, featuring 15 individual chocolates presented in white gift box and lid.


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