Quirky Chocolate Bars _ Retail Pack (50)

Because Drinking Wine
Chocolate Is Vital For Survival
Congrats On The Baby News
Congrats On The Divorce
Congrats You Did It
Dad Sorry For All The Shit
Get Better Soon
Happiness On Your Birthday
Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday
Happy Fathers Day
Happy Mothers Day
Happy Valentines Day
I Hope We're Friends
I Laughed So Hard
I Want You To Be The Reason
I'll Miss You
I'm Sorry We Fought
Mum Sorry For All The Shit
Not Worth The Jail Time
Thank You Manners
The More You Weigh
We'll Be Friends
Well Done Dad
Well Done Mum
Whenever You're Having A Bad Day
You Are The One
You Laugh I Laugh
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Minimum Quantity: 50
Size: Approx 110mm x 110mm x 9mm
Weight: Approx 100 grams
Pack size: 50 units
Wrapper Styles: Information


Additional Info:

100 gram chocolate bars with quirky wrappers.

Available in 28 different quirky gift wrappers in milk chocolate.

Provided in pack of 50 bars including POS box.

RRP: $5.00

Mixed pack based on your choice.


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